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Book Summary - Persuasion

Book: Persuasion
Author: Jane Austen
By Collector's Library

Hey guys, I'm back and today you'll have a little of one of my favorite books. I hope you enjoy it! Please, don't forget to comment and share!

This is Jane Austen’s final novel. She completed this book in August 1816. It is the story of Anne Elliot who seven years later prior to the book’s event fell in love with an officer to whom she got engaged with. Frederick Wentworth seemed perfect for her but, unfortunately, he was poor. Because of that she was persuaded by her family and her older friend and mentor, Lady Russel, to break the engagement off. They believed Mr. Wentworth was not a suitable match.

The story begins with their trying to find a way to solve their economical problems. Anne’s father is a very proud and praises vanity. Because of that they spend excessive amounts of money. Anne, on the other hand, is simple and sensible. Anne’s elder sister has a temperament very similar to her father’s. Because of this, Anne is overlooked and sometimes even taken for granted by them. The solution for their financial problem is on moving to another house, in Bath. Admiral Croft and his wife, Wentworth’s sister, rented Kellynch Hall.

As her sister and father establish in the new house, Anne goes to Uppercross Hall in order to visit her sister Mary, whom is married to Charles Musgrove. Mary wants people’s attention all the time and requested Anne’s visit due to her state of being often a little unwell.

At Uppercross Anne meet Wentworth again, who has a considerable fortune now. Both Charles’ sisters are attracted to Wentworth and he gives constant attention to the sisters. The Musgroves and the Crofs always wonder which of the sisters will be the chosen one. In the meanwhile, Anne suffers due to the broken off of her engagement with Wentworth.

After some time, Wentworth decides to visit a friend, Captain Harville, in Lyme and invite the Musgroves, including Anne, to go with him. While they were walking in Lyme, Louisa falls, due to her improper behavior toward Wentworth. People think she’s dead and Anne administrates first aid.

Fortunately, Louisa is not dead but needs special cares. Wentworth is impressed by Anne’s attention and how she cares and helps Louisa. He notices he still loves her even still being hurt for what had happened to their engagement. He decides to go away in order of not raising useless feelings in Louisa. In this meanwhile, his friend, Captain Benwick, keep in the same house with Louisa and they get a closer relationship while she recovers. For the surprise of all, they got engaged.
Meanwhile, Mr. William Elliot, Anne’s cousin and the heir of Sir Walter, got reacquainted with the Elliots, after a long time being a stranger to them due to a married with a woman of much lower social rank. Mr. William Elliot is a widower now and in order to inherit Sir Walter’s title he gets closer to Anne. He wants to marry her. Pretty soon, rumors runs that they are engaged.

Without knowing exactly what was going on Wentworth wrote Anne a letter telling her his real feelings and intentions toward her. After reading the letter and talking to him Anne and Wentworth reconcile and renew their engagement. At this time Anne was persuaded of never letting him go anymore. She was quite determined and nobody would let her lose this second chance of living a true love in everlasting happiness. 

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  2. Jane Austen é uma de minhas escritoras favoritas.
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