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Northanger Abbey

                                                                Northanger Abbey
Northanger Abbey is one of the amazing works of Jane Austen, which was published posthumously in 1817. The story takes place in Bath and criticizes the gothic novels so common at the time. The heroine of the story is called Catherine Morland and is an avid reader of novels that take place in dark castles full of mystery and suspense.
Catherine eventually confuses reality and imagination in some situations. But throughout her stay at Northenger Abbey she learns that reality is not always like her novels. She learns she must not assign defects and even inappropriate attitudes to people intuitively just because she could live amazing adventures if everything she imagined of people was real. Only after suffering a harsh disappointment she faces reality and it makes her grow up to maturity.
I could see that the work as a whole is very interesting and you can see that not only the character was going through a maturing process, but also the author. In works published later you may notice a greater and greater refinement in the style of the characters and the plot itself.
Thus it is possible to reflect on the influence of what we read in our own conduct. Too much reading can lead someone without maturity as young Catherine Morland to imagine things beyond what is real. On the other hand too little or no reading can lead to a lack of imagination. Think of it, how much and what are you reading? How does what you read affect you?

More about Jane Austen’s writing style:
The irony is present in most of the works of Jane Austen, but is even more evident in the work in analysis, perhaps because it is one of her earliest publications, I guess.
In a few moments you can sort her irony is a kind of black humor as in the following passage: "She had three children before the birth of Catherine, and instead of dying in bringing the latter into the world, as would be expected, went live - live to have six children. " You do not see such expressions in his other works.
Try reading it yourself and try to find out more about her writing style!

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  1. I like very mush your review! I think I see Count Olaf in everywhere because I read too much Lemony's stories! Haha.
    Thank u for posting!

  2. I love Jane! I think she's great... I don't read all her books yet, but it's one of the things I must do in life.



    1. Eliana, I think Northenger Abbey is the perfect book to start getting to know Jane Austen. When you read it don't forget to tell us how you liked it!

      Tamiris Sena.