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Book Review - Death Comes to Pemberley

Title: Death Comes to Pemberley
Author: P.D. James

About: In their six years of marriage, Elizabeth and Darcy have forged a peaceful, happy life for their family at Pemberley, Darcy’s impressive estate. Her father is a regular visitor; her sister Jane and her husband, Bingley, live nearby; the marriage prospects for Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, are favorable. And preparations for their annual autumn ball are proceeding apace. But on the eve of the ball, chaos descends. Lydia Wickham, Elizabeth’s disgraced sister who, with her husband, has been barred from the estate, arrives in a hysterical state—shrieking that Wickham has been murdered.  Plunged into frightening mystery and a lurid murder trial, the lives of Pemberley’s owners and servants alike may never be the same.


My book summary:
Hey everyone!
If you are a fan of P&P this book is a must have!
Being published on the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice this novel is a mix of Jane Austen’s writing style and detective fiction.
The novel begins six years after the wedding of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. They are living happily in Pemberley with their two children and Georgiana Darcy. Elizabeth’s sister Jane and her husband, Mr. Bingey, live nearby; her father often visits them; and they are happy with the prospect of Georgiana getting married. They are making preparations for the famous annual ball and because of that, everyone in the house is happy and busy.
Then, on the eve of the ball the weather is terrible and it rains a lot. Suddenly, after super a coach arrives at Pemberley carrying Lydia who is hysterically stumbles out of the carriage saying that Wickham has been murdered in the woods of Pemberley. From one minute to another, all the peace, calm and happiness of Pemberley is replaced by violence and evil.
Immediately a thorough investigation of the crime starts. Darcy leads a search party out to the woodlands, and when they discover the blood-smeared corpse not of Wickham, but his traveling companion. The questions that arise at Pemberley are: Who and why would have brutally killed a young army officer? Would Wickham be capable of killing his own friend, maybe his only friend?
P.D. James is a terrific writer who, inspired by a lifelong passion for Austen, was perfectly able to re-create the world of Pride and Prejudice making it an electrifying story full of mystery and suspense.

For those who love to watch adaptations of their beloved novels here comes great news!
BBC has already started filming the 3-part adaptation of Death Comes to Pemberley in Yorkshire. I do not know when it will be released but the cast is already confirmed!!! Yay!

Anna Maxwell Martin as Elizabeth                 Matthew Rhys as Darcy                              

Matthew Goode as Wickham                       Jenna Coleman as Lydia

Eleanor Tomlinson as Georgiana

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